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Supply Partner Spotlight: Astro Optics


In our first-ever Supply Partner Spotlight, we’re featuring Astro Optics, LLC, one of the most trusted brands in traffic and work zone safety. Astro Optics manufactures a wide variety of products designed to reduce accidents and improve safety, and in this feature, we’ll highlight the products that put its name on the map: reflectors.

The Bread and Butter

Barrier Reflectors

Astro Optics produces the highest quality outdoor-graded barrier wall reflectors on the market, and the JD Series Barrier Wall Reflector is one of the most popular in their arsenal. Trusted by safety professionals and roadbuilders for years, the JD Series are made to be mounted to road barrier walls to improve road visibility and control traffic directionality.

The JD Series may look simple on the surface, but its benefits can be hugely impactful.


We've all driven in a storm, and we all know how dangerous it can be. You can't see ten feet in front of you, and you have no idea how close you are to veering off the side of the road or into the other lane. Without proper visibility, driving in these conditions is a gamble and the risks are extremely high. That's why you want to see the JD Series on every road you drive.


An impressive acrylic area of 9.5 square inches and a unique 6-point prism design create a level of visibility that more than doubles all state and federal brightness standards. Their extraordinary brightness allows them to be seen by oncoming drivers hundreds of feet away, even in inclement weather, which greatly reduces the likelihood of accidents related to construction zones, road hazards, or driving in bad weather such as rain, snow, or fog.


What's more, you don't have to worry about cleaning them once they're installed–their smooth-as-glass prismatic surfaces are completely sealed against the elements for long-lasting brightness.

Astro Optics also offers a variety of other barrier wall reflectors that can provide solutions to any traffic safety or traffic flow needs. The FB Series Barrier Markers are slightly smaller than the JD and are perfect for use on smaller roads or barrier markers. The FT “FLEX-TAB” Barrier Markers are designed to flex upon vehicle impact, so they will retain their original shape even after being hit repeatedly. Both the FB and FT boast impressive visibility and durability and are incredibly easy to install.

Reflective Temporary Pavement Markers

Every second matters when there’s a fire, so it’s imperative that firefighters can locate the nearest hydrant as quickly as possible. Even the slightest delays can mean the difference when lives and buildings are on the line. That’s why Astro Optics created the Hydrant-Lite Reflective Temporary Pavement Markers.

These reflective markers are designed to be placed across from fire hydrants on either the road centerline or the right-hand lane. Their double-sided blue prisms offer high visibility from up to 1,000 feet away during both day and night, which makes spotting fire hydrants extremely easy in any situation.


Astro Optics has non-emergencies covered, too Have a fallen tree on the road? What about hazards that are difficult to see, like broken glass? Waiting for these dangers to be cleared from the road is just too risky. Drivers need sufficient notification of anything that's in the road so they can remain as safe as possible while driving.


Meet the Reflective Temporary Pavement Markers, which are similar to the Hydrant-Lite but are meant to help guide drivers away from upcoming hazards.


Simply place these markers on either the road centerline or right-hand lane and remove them once the hazard is gone. Like the Hydrant-Lite, these markers can be seen from over 1,000 feet away, day or night, making road hazards nearly impossible to miss and giving drivers ample time to react.

Both models are the most reflective temporary pavement markers on the market, are incredibly easy to install and remove, and can bear the weight of any traffic.

Centermount Reflectors

The RT-90 Centermount Reflector delineates the boundaries of the road and alerts drivers to potential hazards in their way. With the RT-90, drivers will not have to worry about being unable to see the sides of roads, lanes, or highways and veering off, or hitting obstacles like mailboxes.


Its bright, smooth exterior eliminates the buildup of dirt and moisture which helps it always remain visible and removes the need for maintenance or cleaning. Because the RT-90 meets or exceeds federal and state delineator photometric standards, it is easily visible to drivers both during day and night, under normal conditions or in severe weather.

Astro Optics even offers customizable features, such as a metal canned backing, which are available upon request and are typically needed when meeting unique state or local specifications. 


The RT-90s aren't only designed for the open road, either. Say you want to prevent cars from veering off your driveway onto your lawn at night, or warn the snow plow or garbage truck not to hit your mailbox by accident. Just mount the RT-90 to a U-Channel post with two-piece lockbolt fasteners, stick it into the ground, and you have your very own home traffic control system!


Astro Optics offers a mounting kit that is extremely easy to use. Once installed, the fasteners will never come loose, no matter how much vibration they endure. This resilience makes the mounted RT-90 the perfect roadside signal because fast-moving cars and trucks won’t knock it down.

Where to Buy

All these reflectors and more can be purchased on our website at

While there, you can view product specifications, customize colors, sizes, and configurations, and see the entire Astro Optics catalog. Every item can be purchased in bulk, and some items can be purchased individually.


We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or requests you may have. Just give us a call or fill out a quote on our website.


If you’re interested in viewing our offering of Astro Optics’ products, please click the button below. And even if you’re not, tune in next time for our second Supply Partner Spotlight!

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