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Supply Partner Spotlight: Justrite


This week we’re featuring Justrite Safety Group, a growing family of industrial safety companies that strives to protect workers, workplaces, and the environment with a comprehensive range of industrial safety solutions. Their portfolio of companies includes Justrite Safety, Accuform, Checkers, Notrax, Hughes Safety, and Eagle Mfg. While every brand carries its own product offering, the entire Justrite Safety Group shares a commitment to protecting people, property, and the planet. Let’s look at some of the product categories that have propelled Justrite Safety Group into industry-leader status.

The Bread and Butter

Facility ID Solutions

If you’ve ever worked inside an industrial facility like a factory or warehouse, you know that proper signage is essential for a safe working environment. Workers need to know where it’s safe to walk or where they need eye protection, forklift operators need to know where to yield or stop. Well-marked signage can mean the difference between a smooth, safe operation and serious loss of productivity or injury. 

But even these incredibly important safety signs have their downsides. For one, they need to be constantly maintained or replaced. Markings and signs, especially those on the floor, get faded and wear away from exposure to heavy traffic. Some environments, like outdoor lots at night, might not have sufficient lighting to for safety signage to appear sufficiently visible. These weaknesses of conventional signage inspired Accuform to create the LED Sign Projector.


The Accuform LED Sign Projector can be mounted on a wall or ceiling to project safety notifications on facility surfaces. It doesn’t require any maintenance outside of replacing the 30,000-hour low-energy efficient LED bulb. That means no more replacing old signs, removing sticky residue, or repainting! And the projected images remain highly visible in any setting; they can be seen up to 262 ft away in complete darkness, 65-164 ft in dim light, and 49 ft in bright light. With all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of conventional safety signage, it truly is the perfect fit for any industrial facility.


In addition to the LED Sign Projector, Accuform provides other identification solutions such as signs, safety scoreboards, posters, and labels. You can communicate the exact message you need with unlimited color selection and customization, supported by fast 1–3-day delivery.

Chemical and Environmental Safety

There is always an extreme amount of risk involved in dealing with flammable or corrosive liquids. A fire can cause massive damage to people, buildings, and equipment, and chemical spills can jeopardize the health of workers and the local environment. With so many moving parts, complex work environments like industrial facilities only further amplify these risks. But although the potential costs of an accident involving flammable or corrosive materials are huge, Eagle Mfg. came up with a simple and affordable solution to prevent them: Safety Cabinets.

Nothing can get in or out of these units unless you want it to! The Flammable Liquid Safety Cabinets allow you to meet OSHA and NFPA compliance and keep flammable liquids, like gasoline or acetone, near work areas safely. They are available on our site in 30-gallon or 45-gallon capacities, but adjustable shelving can accommodate any size container up to those limits.


And if you need to store acids or other corrosive liquids at the workplace, Eagle’s Metal Acid & Corrosive Safety Cabinets are just for you. They can store small containers up to 30 gallons and feature adjustable poly shelves. Since even the smallest chemical spill can have a serious effect on the environment, these cabinets feature four adjustable galvanized leveling legs to help ensure that chemical containers are stored in the safest way possible. 


The Acid & Corrosive Safety Cabinets comply with the NFPA 1, NFPA 400 Hazardous Material Code, and the International Fire Code. Justrite Safety group offers 4-gallon to 115-gallon sizes for both types of cabinets as well as custom options upon request. 

Material Handling and Storage

Compressed gas cylinders are used just about everywhere. Most industrial facilities need them because of their wide variety of uses. But, despite being so common, they’re actually pretty dangerous! They can release toxic or flammable gases, fall and damage people or property, or even explode if subjected to hard contact. 


Thousands of industrial accidents every year involve compressed gas cylinders, and many of those accidents have been related to improper storage methods. That’s why Justrite Safety produced their simple-yet-ingenious Gas Cylinder Storage Racks. Designed for lasting strength, durability, and dependability, these storage racks will handle all of your gas cylinder storage needs in almost any setting.


Don’t have enough room inside your facility and need to store your gas cylinders outside? No problem! High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) caps prevent the steel from being corroded by rain or other elements. These racks are also compliant with OSHA, NFP1, NFPA 55, and CGA regulations, so you can operate with confidence knowing that your facility is safe from potentially catastrophic gas cylinder-related accidents. 

Where to Buy

All these safety solutions and more can be purchased on our website at


While there, you can view product specifications, customize product styles, sizes, and configurations, and see our entire Justrite Safety Group catalog. The Gas Cylinder Storage Racks, for example, have a wide variety of quantity capacities to fit your facility’s specific storage needs.


We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or requests you may have. Just give us a call or fill out a quote on our website!


If you’re interested in viewing our offering of Justrite Safety Group products, please click the button below. And even if you’re not, come back soon for our next Supply Partner Spotlight!

The LED Signal Projector, Hazardous Material Storage Racks, and Gas Cylinder Storage racks can all be found at

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