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Supply Partner Spotlight: MEKCO


This week we’re featuring MEKCO, a manufacturer of high-quality fiberglass products made to exceed customer expectations in quality, timing, and workmanship. Their products are designed to go anywhere and stand the test of time- many of their first units from 1979 are still in use today! This dedication to providing exceptional, long-lasting value and custom solutions has given MEKCO rave reviews among its customers. And when you look at some of their most popular products, you’ll see why they get so much love.

The Bread and Butter

Sand and Salt Storage Boxes

Sand and salt storage boxes may seem like simple containers, but they actually have a surprisingly difficult task. They must endure extreme conditions like storms and blizzards while keeping all their contents as dry as possible. After all, any water exposure would likely ruin the effectiveness of the sand or salt inside. That’s why your storage boxes need to be as robust and reliable as possible. Enter MEKCO’s Salt and Sand Storage Boxes.


These boxes are made with durable, long-lasting fiberglass that is made to withstand abusive, corrosive, or atypical environments. They can handle the harshest winters or the wettest summers and are guaranteed to keep your items dry and safe. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, on a public road, or in a facility parking lot- with 23-gallon and 75-gallon capacities available, you’ll never have to worry about slipping on icy surfaces, no matter where you go.


But these heavy-duty boxes are just too good to be restricted to snowy environments. Their incredible durability and spacious storage capacities make them the perfect “dock boxes” for storing marine-related items like rope, life jackets, or anchors. Harsh coastal conditions like heavy rains or storms have little chance of touching any of your items. The next time you get a squall, you’ll be amazed to find that the only dry place on the beach is the inside of your MEKCO box.

Mobile Onsite Offices

If you’ve ever worked on a jobsite in the field, you know that it can be difficult to get access to many of the necessities you’d normally have in an office. Heating, A/C, power, lights, and even some peace and quiet can all be scarce when your work takes you to a place that doesn’t have established infrastructure. This lack of amenities not only makes you feel less comfortable, it makes your job significantly harder to accomplish. After all, many field jobs require the same types of operational management responsibilities that are usually accomplished in a normal office setting. With the MEKCO Custom Mobile Onsite Office, you’ll be able to bring the office anywhere you need it.


The Custom Mobile Onsite Office is a modular fiberglass jobsite office that comes with fully integrated plug and play systems. It’s perfectly suited to give you the operational flexibility and comfort you need in any setting, such as construction job site offices, field offices, training facilities, recruitment offices, or maintenance facilities. They’re completely compatible with indoor or outdoor environments and can be easily moved anywhere your work takes you.


Need to concentrate amidst an orchestra of heavy machinery? Full-unit insulation reduces work noises by 22 decibels or greater, allowing you to hear phone calls with ease. What if you’re the onsite manager for a cold-storage warehouse, and you need to always be on site? With the integrated air conditioning and heat, you’ll remain comfortable in outside temperatures ranging from 0-90 degrees Fahrenheit. And since no jobsite is the same, MEKCO offers complete customization of each unit so you can get the workspace that fits your exact needs.

Observation and Lifeguard Towers

Any structure that stands near large bodies of water needs to be as durable as possible. Storms, hurricanes, and strong tides can take a toll on almost any structure, especially towers. Beach towers typically don’t have the proper material build or structural support to withstand harsh conditions, which puts them at risk for expensive regular repairs and replacements. If you’re a small operation or a local municipality, these costs can represent a significant burden on your budget. It’s a good thing MEKCO made the Observation and Lifeguard Tower.

The Observation and Lifeguard Tower is designed to conquer any task in even the harshest conditions. Made with ultra-durable Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP), this station can be completely customized to achieve your exact mission objectives. Its rotatable upper observation room and viewing windows allow users to achieve optimal visibility for their specific beach configuration. The modular design allows for easy assembly, disassembly, and transport, which makes it perfect for beachfronts with variable geometry due to erosion and degradation.


Like the Salt and Storage boxes, these towers boast impressive storage areas that can protect its contents from anything in nature’s arsenal. For instance, many lifeguards and other waterfront operatives require vehicles such as jet skis or ATVs to perform their duties. The rough and wet conditions of coastal environments can often pose a risk to these vehicles and cause damage over time, which can hinder vital operations and cause unnecessary expenses. But with the Lifeguard and Observation Tower’s Class 2 hurricane-rate protection, you can rest easy knowing your vehicles, and people, are safe.

Where to Buy

All these safety solutions and more can be purchased on our website at


While there, you can view product specifications, select product styles, sizes, and configurations, and see our entire MEKCO catalog. Everything MEKCO makes can be customized to achieve your unique needs, and they perform their own wiring and HVAC in-house.


We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or requests you may have. Just give us a call or fill out a quote on our website!


If you’re interested in viewing our offering of MEKCO products, please click the button below. And even if you’re not, stay on the lookout for our next Supply Partner Spotlight!

Adapt to any situation with solutions that will last a lifetime. View MEKCO Products.

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