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Supply Partner Spotlight: PATLITE


This week we’re featuring PATLITE Corporation, a manufacturer of state-of-the-art equipment for the process and industrial automation industries. PATLITE’s products are trusted by facilities and workplaces around the world, and for good reason. Every PATLITE product is meticulously designed to exceed their customers’ expectations in safety, security, and comfort. In this feature, we’ll highlight the product category that gave PATLITE its industry-leading reputation: alerts.

The Bread and Butter

Signal Towers

Operating a facility is a monumental task. No matter whether you’re running a manufacturing plant, a storage warehouse, or a distribution center, the challenges are similar; operations need to be as smooth, fast, and cost-effective as possible. The myriad of variables and risks involved in everyday functions can make these requirements difficult to satisfy. That’s why PATLITE created the LR Series LED Signal Towers.

The LR Series LED Signal Towers are expertly designed to improve productivity and efficiency for just about any type of facility. Need instant and easily noticeable notifications when a machine experiences a critical error? How about visual and audible alerts that indicate whether a product passes or fails certain quality standards, helping prevent oversight? The LR Signal Towers are highly adaptable and can be programmed to suit nearly any facility’s needs.


They feature ultra-bright LEDs, a modular design, and a wide selection of colors and buzzers to take on the most challenging applications. Their innovative lens and optimized module construction deliver bright, even light for visibility from impressive distances. A completely enclosed sound module maintains substantial water and dust protection while producing loud, omni-directional sound that can be clearly heard above the noise of surrounding machinery.


Not only do the LR Series deliver outstanding performance, but they are also extremely user-friendly. Traditional stack lights typically require additional threaded shafts or tools to customize the LED units. The LR modular system, however, redefines signal tower assembly by making customization and repair seamless. If you want to reconfigure or replace the modules, simply twist and lock into place and your LED Signal Tower is ready to tackle any mission you give it.

Warning Beacons

In a workplace setting, the one thing that’s even more important than productivity is safety. Keeping your workers and guests safe is paramount, especially given the hectic nature of many industrial facilities; moving vehicles, multiple pieces of machinery operating at the same time, and people doing their tasks are all ingredients in a recipe for potential disaster. PATLITE’s SK, SF, and SL Series Warning Beacons were designed to mitigate as many of these workplace risks as possible by alerting people to potential hazards.

While they may appear simple in design, the Warning Beacons are powerful tools that can drastically improve the safety of almost any facility. They’re durable, reliable, and provide higher visibility than other LED warning beacons, making them the perfect signal for any emergency or commercial applications.


They can serve as ideal visual signals for emergency situations due to their longevity and rotational functionality. Their brushless motor produces less heating than a conventional motor and has a long functioning lifespan of up to 20,000 hours. The steel ball bearings, located at the base of the reflector, are designed to greatly reduce wear over time and allow quiet reflector rotation that makes their light highly visible to anyone in the area.


The long-lasting LED lights, which work for up to 100,000 hours, allow the Warning Beacons to provide 24-hour warnings in facilities that don’t have a constant human presence, such as overnight parking structures. And the Warning Beacons aren’t restricted to walls and mounting posts, either! You can install the Warning Beacons on moving vehicles such as AGVs, forklifts, or trucks to get an easy and cost-effective accident prevention system. Who knew a little rotating beacon could do so much?

Audible Alerts

If you’ve ever stepped foot in an industrial setting, you know just how noisy it can be. With machines humming, engines buzzing, people yelling, and hydraulics hissing, it can be hard to even hear yourself think! And given the dangers involved with working in these places, being unable to hear warnings or commands can jeopardize peoples’ safety. As you can probably guess, PATLITE has created the perfect solution to that problem: The EHV 8-Channel MP3 Annunciator Horn.

The EHV was made specifically for industrial applications. It features a compact design and an impressive sound output of 110dB at 1m, which is louder than many handheld power tools or industrial machines. It uses an SD card that allows for changing messages out in the field, so anything from warnings to announcements can be easily played at any time.


Although it’s incredibly compact, the EHV is also highly adaptable to even the toughest of workplace environments. It was designed to withstand up to a whopping 4.5G of force which makes it ideal for settings with heavy vibrations, such as factories or parking structures. Its four playback types synergize with various command modes, including the Sound Reduction, Factory, and Public Address modes, to provide the right setup for any application.


PATLITE also offers the BSV Voice Annunciator, its thinnest design that can be easy installed almost anywhere. Despite being so thin, it features a maximum sound output of 87 dB at 1m, making it clearly audible in many workplaces, from offices to even some industrial settings.

Where to Buy

All these alerts and more can be purchased on our website at


While there, you can view product specifications, customize colors, sizes, and configurations, and see the entire PATLITE catalog. The LR Signal Towers and Warning Beacons have a wide selection of varieties to match the exact size, color, or voltage rating you need.


We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or requests you may have. Just give us a call or fill out a quote on our website!


If you’re interested in viewing our offering of PATLITE products, please click the button below. And even if you’re not, look out for our next Supply Partner Spotlight!

The SL Warning Beacon, LR Signal tower, and EHV Annunciator. View our selection of PATLITE products on

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