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Supply Partner Spotlight: Signal-Tech


This week we’re featuring Signal-Tech, a US Manufacturer of Innovative LED Signage and System Solutions. With roots dating back to 1928, Signal-Tech has dedicated themselves to engineering quality and reliability into every product they manufacture and they take pride in designing signs and systems that solve unique specifications. Popular places you’ll find Signal-Tech’s products are in financial drive-throughs, parking garages, hospitals, airports, manufacturing facilities, loading docks, rail crossings, highway intersections and points of entry. But we think your facility or workplace would also make an ideal home for one of these signs. And after learning about these products below, we bet you’ll think so, too.

The Bright Lights

Park Anywhere Anytime (PAAT) LED Sign Systems

Imagine you’re a pilot of a large commercial aircraft. You’ve just landed, but the weather is too severe. You can’t see where you’re going, and it’s too risky for guide personnel to stay on the ramp. You have to park soon or run the risk of causing a bottleneck for other planes. However, you’re afraid of crashing into something, potentially causing massive damage. The situation is dire.


But then a truck appears out of the storm, and on it you can clearly make out a bright, green light- you’re clear to keep moving. The truck stays in front of you as you move. The light changes to amber, and you slow down. Next there’s an arrow, and you smoothly turn into your terminal. A red light tells you that it’s finally safe to stop. You did it! And it wouldn’t have been made safely possible without the help of your knight in shining armor: the Park Anywhere Anytime (PAAT) LED Sign System.


The PAAT Sign System is used when inclement weather prevents airline personnel from directing planes to their gates. It provides vital utility for taxiing and parking and is perfect for both low-traffic and high-traffic airports. The PAAT Sign System utilizes Signal-Tech’s signage that is always resistant to corrosion or weather and remains readable even in direct sunlight. Additionally, the signs are controlled from inside the truck, allowing it to operate anywhere it’s needed. With the PAAT LED Sign System, you can ensure that your passengers, planes, and facilities remain safe under any and all conditions.

TCIL LED Traffic Controllers

When operating a facility, it’s imperative that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Any disruption, from a faulty machine that stalls production to a forklift accident, can take a huge toll on productivity, profitability, and peoples’ health. Such incidents may be incredibly damaging, but they can actually be incredibly easy to prevent as well. In fact, all you need is a certain sign: the TCIL LED Traffic Controller from Signal-Tech.


When you take a look at this sign, you might not think much of it. After all, it appears to only be a pair of colored lights. But like a well-trained security guard, there’s much more to this product than meets the eye.


The TCIL LED Traffic Controller is the ideal safety sign for managing facility traffic and production. Need a stop and go light for vehicles in your loading dock? A warning light for pedestrian and forklift cross traffic? How about a production status indicator for automated manufacturing processes? Its ability to be mounted on surfaces, ceilings, posts, and wall-projection mountings allows it to go anywhere, for nearly any purpose. Its bright, wide-angle TCIL LEDs are clearly visible even from distance and will remove any possibility for ambiguity or confusion. And you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged from wet locations or moderate impacts either. Now that’s quite the sign!

Facility Safety Signs

Think of everything that goes into running a facility, especially a large-scale one. All the stations, logistics, machines, vehicles, and workers that make the whole operation. Like the human body, each component of a facility serves a certain unique, vital purpose. Although all of these components are part of the same body, they all have different requirements in order to function properly. And when it comes to safety, facility managers need to ensure that the unique safety demands of every aspect of their operation are properly met. That’s why Signal-Tech created their wide assortment of Facility Safety Signs.


The Facility Safety Signs feature bold, bright, and aesthetically pleasing graphics that ensure optimal visibility inside or outside, even in direct sunlight, reducing the chance that important messages are missed. They offer customized messaging for a variety of unique industrial or commercial applications. Use them anywhere personal safety is at risk and protect against hazards such as chemicals, materials, machinery, high-voltage electricity, lasers, and more.


For example, the Fire Extinguisher LED Sign allows for the quick and clear identification that will save precious seconds in case a fire breaks out. Drivers and pedestrians alike will be thankful to have the Caution Pedestrian Crossing LED Sign on their side, which clearly alerts drivers even in low-visibility conditions. The Stop/Go LED Sign controls traffic to reduce the risk of vehicular collisions both inside and outside, from warehouses to parking lots.

Where to Buy

All these safety solutions and more can be purchased on our website at


While there, you can view product specifications, request customizations, and see our entire Signal-Tech offering. Signal-Tech’s product line is proudly made in the USA and is readily available for quick shipping.


We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or requests you may have. Just give us a call or fill out a quote on our website!


If you’re interested in viewing our offering of Signal-Tech products, please click the button below. And even if you’re not, stay tuned for our next Supply Partner Spotlight!

Get the right sign for any situation. View our offering of Signal-Tech LED signs.

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