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Supply Partner Spotlight: Ideal Shield


This week we’re featuring Ideal Shield, a leading manufacturer of facility maintenance and protection products. Officially established in 1997, Ideal Shield first made its mark on the industry with the inventions of The Original Bumper Post Sleeve (now known as the Bollard Cover) and the HDPE Plastic sleeved Industrial Guardrail system. The company prides itself on its high-quality products, innovative ideas, excellent customer service, and strong community efforts to help improve both its customer’s and its neighborhood’s well-being.

Over the years, Ideal Shield has continued to follow the original path of being an innovative, solution-based business. Its impressive offering of Bollard Covers, various Industrial Guardrail systems, and the fast-selling Pyramid Sign Base system are all designed to improve the look, security, and operational efficiency of any facility across North America. Let’s take a closer look at these flagship products that helped transform Ideal Shield into an industry leader.

The Core

Bollards and Bollard Covers

Many companies’ most valuable assets, such as storefronts, machinery, and workshops, have vehicles move around or through them every day. And whenever vehicles are present, there’s always the risk that a vehicular accident will occur. No matter whether you own a retail store or an industrial facility, vehicles can cause massive damage that can seriously jeopardize your people and your operations.


While you don’t have the power to prevent all vehicular accidents, you do have the power to prevent those accidents from seriously harming your operation. How can I harness this power, you wonder? You’ll find your answer with Ideal Shield’s Bollards and Bollard Covers.

Ideal Shield’s selection of bollards and bollard covers every application for which you potentially need them. The Base Plate Steel Bollards are designed for quick and easy installation around warehouses, shop floors, parking lots, and more. For temproary security solutions, the Removable Locking Steel Bollards are the perfect combination of convenience and safety. Not only are they easily removable, but they have a self-closing lid that prevents pedestrians from tripping on the bollard hole after the bollard has been removed.


And If you’re looking for more heavy-duty protection, their Crash Rated Bollards are certified with ASTM F2656-07 M30 and M50 ratings and are even approved by the Department of Defense. Designed for bi-directional stopping capability, one of these bollards can stop a 15,000 lb. vehicle at 30 or 50 mph within just one-meter penetration!


All these bollards are fitted with Ideal Shield’s impressive selection of Bollard Covers. Ideal Shield offers a huge variety of cover sizes to fit just about any bollard imaginable, from pipes that are 3-12” in diameter to 84” in height. With customizable colors and branding, as well as a “Never Paint Again” design, you’ll never have to sacrifice visual appeal for quality protection.


While protecting a warehouse or distribution center’s valuable assets is a top priority, you want to ensure that this protection doesn’t interfere with your normal operations. Bulky, easily damaged, and maintenance-prone safety infrastructure can take up valuable space, time, and resources that should otherwise be spent on your facility. Ideal Shield had these concerns in mind when they designed their offering of Guardrails.


Their Standard and Heavy-Duty Guardrails maximize facility floor space by being placed within 6 inches of equipment. This sleek construction means that your workers and vehicles can move around freely without having to worry about bumping into your rails. But their space-efficient design doesn’t take anything away from their durability- they’re engineered to withstand multiple collisions from 12,000-lb forklifts going at 4 to 8 mph.


Not only do Ideal Shield’s guardrails allow you to dedicate more space to production, you also won’t have to pay for expensive and time-consuming maintenance or replacements. Unlike traditional guardrail systems, Ideal Shield’s guardrails don’t need to have their railing replaced after an impact, and their durable HDPE sleeving won’t fade or rust over time. So, after installation, you can go back to work knowing that you’ll never have to worry about your guardrail system again. Nothing is perfect, but this nearly maintenance-free, round-the-clock facility protection is pretty close!

Pyramid Sign Bases

You may not think about sign base systems very often. After all, what’s the point of even thinking about them in the first place? Signs are the things meant to be looked at, not the pole and base that support them. A sign base system is just a simple pole attached to an uninteresting box on the ground, big deal. And that description would almost be completely true, were it not for Ideal Shield’s best-selling Pyramid Sign Base system. There’s much more than meets the eye with this one.


What makes the Pyramid Sign Base System so special is its incredible adaptability. You can order it with wheels which allow for easy transport anywhere you need to plant it. But even without wheels, its deceptively lightweight design makes carrying it around a breeze. It saves a ton of money on shipping costs as well!


It’s ideal for both the retail sector and for industrial facilities because it can be used both indoors and outdoors, especially for parking, facility directions, yard storage, and drive-thru or curbside pickup. And once you put it up, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Heavy winds up to 75 mph won’t knock it down, and its durable coating will not require painting or maintenance throughout its lifecycle. Pretty impressive for just a sign base and pole!

Where to Buy

All these safety solutions and more can be purchased on our website at


While there, you can view product specifications, select product styles, sizes, and configurations, and see our entire Ideal Shield catalog. With five manufacturing plants and a vast distribution network throughout the United States, Ideal Shield’s product line is proudly made in America and readily available for quick shipping.


We will be more than happy to assist you with any questions or requests you may have. Just give us a call or fill out a quote on our website!


If you’re interested in viewing our offering of Ideal Shield products, please click the button below. And even if you’re not, stay tuned for our next Supply Partner Spotlight!

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